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About Summerland Support

Summerland Support was set up in 2003 to provide a stable and caring environment for people with learning disabilities.

We currently have four houses based in Torquay, providing accommodation for up to fourteen tenants.

All of the houses are of an exceptionally high standard but with the familiarity of being a home and each as individual as the tenants who live there. Supported living differs from other services because it is very person centred and works around supporting the individual to develop and move forward in all aspects of daily life.

Support is organised to suit the individual and Summerland Support works closely with those who are involved with the tenant including family, social services, advocacy, professional service providers, health and education.

Summerland Support encourages tenants to exercise their rights to choice.

Priority is given to enhancing the choices available to tenants, ensuring that they are protected and safe whilst acknowledging that an element of risk is part of everyday life. Tenants are helped and encouraged to maintain family contacts and to develop new and purposeful relationships with their peer group and people in the wider community.

It is the aim of the service to assist with the development of such competence as is necessary for the individual to achieve greater choice and independence in their daily lives. Summerland Support will ensure that tenants have the correct level of support as agreed within their care plan. This will be reviewed regularly to ensure that tenants are exercising their rights, making choices and achieving their goals.

The activities that Summerland offers include the following:
  • Disco
  • Television & Films
  • Going on the bus
  • Pets
  • Holidays and Trips Out
Life at Summerland in the words of one of our tenants:

"Summerland Support is a fabulous place, situated in lovely surroundings with friendly familiar faces suitable for all people with any problems.

Look at me, I came to Summerlands thinking I wouldn't be able to manage but I'm living in supported living and love every minute. You get the odd day when things don't go right but as the day goes on and weeks pass things slowly improve.

In the long run Summerlands is the appropriate place for any young person to live who wants to prove that they can live semi-independent. People that know me thought that I would never be able to manage but I've proved them wrong because here I am in fine fettle, all thanks to the staff at Summerlands and their helpful hand if ever needed."

For further details about supported living for people with learning disabilities please contact us at:

Summerland Support
307 Babbacombe Road
Devon TQ1 3TB

Tel: 01803 292 555 E-mail:

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